Whole Home Wifi with Mesh Networking

Friends and family in and around Edmonton are always complaining to us about their home computer networks and why they have such poor WiFi strength. Dealing with slow wifi speeds and dead spots throughout your home and yard is frustrating. Does this sound like a familiar struggle? 

Mesh networks allow multiple access points to communicate with each other thus eliminating dead spots.  Mesh networks have been available for quite some time for business class devices, but these devices were high priced and not geared toward the average home user.  

Networking companies have now entered into the domain of Mesh for the home (Whole Home WiFi). With more and more individuals working from home we are in need of complete home WiFi covereage. 

Mesh networking is an easy home solution. Instead of using the 1 router from your internet provider, Mesh networking provides your with multiple access points to give full home coverage. 

There are a few brands that have upgraded to Mesh for the home. ASUS has updated the firmware of some of its routers to allow for integration into mesh along with releasing a new product to the lineup called LYRA. Linksys has come out with VELOP for home networks.  Another contender that we have looked at is EERO, which is in version 2 of their system. 

All of these products utilize MU-MIMO technology and include tri-band WiFi. Wifi will run on 3 channels - 2.4Ghz, and 2 channels in the 5Ghz spectrum.  This gives you the fastest speeds and distance to connect with. 

Pure iTek is a certified wireless technology specialist and we can provide a free in-home evaluation of your needs. If you have high speed internet in the Edmonton area and struggle with whole home wifi, please give us a call