iOS In Business

A different approach.

So what is it about iPhone and iPad that make them such a great choice for business?

First, Apple makes both the hardware and the software. Security is considered at every point - from device and data protection, through network communications, to apps. With our Apple consultant support we simplify deployment. Even for deployments into the tens of thousands. And finally, we make it possible for you to put the power of apps to work in your business, driving productivity and creating differentiation.

This approach has led to iPhone and iPad being used at work in more ways than we could have imagined...

Forward thinking.

Forward thinking.

Apples Newest iPad

Yesterday Apple announced the iPad with Retina display will replace the iPad 2.  This new iPad is a great alternative giving customers 4 models to choose from. 

iPad 4 starting at $399 with cellular $529

iPad Air starting at $519 with cellular $649

The iPad with Retina display is an affordable option for people to have an enjoyable experience from an iPad because, let’s face it, that iPad 2 was so slow and clunky running iOS7. Also, it finally gets rid of the 30-pin adaptor making all iPads Lightning cables, so there is no need to carry multiple cords.

Let’s not forget the iPad mini. For those of you who have started drifting off to sleep while reading your iPad in bed, or while laying on the couch, you know what happens next. Your eyes close, your arms get tired holding the heavy device and *Smack* you drop your iPad 2 on your head.

iPad mini starting at $319 with cellular $449

iPad mini Retina starting at $419 with cellular $549

So the only thing that's left to decide is - Which size works for you? Give us a call if you’d like to discuss.