Mobile Device Management (MDM)

From small business to global enterprise and just about every industry and sector you can think of you'll find iPhone and iPad hard at work. iPhone and iPad are everywhere in the workforce.

Our job at Pure iTek is to deploy iOS seamlessly and securely into your business. This gives your business a huge advantage, as your employees will be highly engaged in their work ensuring productivity in the shortest time possible.

Fast, Simple Deployment

Pure iTek has a proven track record in managing the deployment of iOS devices, from corporate boardrooms to local high schools, small to enterprise business. We can seamlessly and securely integrate your iOS devices into your existing infrastructure, connecting your email, sharing files and collaborating.

We incorporate a Mobile Device Management (MDM) into your current infrastructure utilizing the latest technologies from Apple and other 3rd Party companies.  These choices will be clear based on the size/number of devices on your network.  We can also incorporate a BYOD environment (Bring your own Device).  Using this BYOD methodology, your business can save a lot of up front costs eliminating the need to purchase iPhone and iPad's as many people already own these devices. 

With MDM we can lock down certain functions of the software as well as build deployment strategies based on software packages, mail, wifi and app store pushes utilizing Apple's VPP (Volume Purchase Plan)

MDM Features:

  • Device Configuration - devices can be automatically configured for VPN, Passcodes, WiFi, Restrictions, Subscribed Calendars, Security Certificates, SCEP, Web Clips, Exchange, Mail, CalDAV and more. Crazy, right?! Don't worry, we've got your back and will handle everything.
  • Security - devices enrolled in MDM can be monitored for compliance for example, remote lock/unlock, remote wipe, jailbreak detection, OS requirements and GPS.
  • App Management - allows the administrator to add/remove apps to/from devices, assign Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) codes to users, push Approved App install notifications, and private App Store for both public and private apps.

After Pure iTek enrolls a device in MDM, all changes to settings can be remotely pushed to the device without any user evolvement. This provides no downtime for your business and it's employees; seamless.

MDM is not limited to just iPhone and iPad's. Pure iTek can also include your Mac based products into the same customization portal, allowing you to manage the Mac's your currently have. 

Contact us today for more information on how we can inspire your business and take advantage of iPads and iPhones in your organization.