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Pure iTek provides fast, simple iPad deployment.

At Pure iTek, we want to inspire you with the endless possibilities that iPad can bring to your business.

*Wi-Fi + Cellular versions of these images are also available. Accessories are sold separately.

*Wi-Fi + Cellular versions of these images are also available.
Accessories are sold separately.

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Cost of ownership - An iPad costs far less than a computer. The average cost for a Mac or PC that would offer the same speed and mobility starts at about $1,729.00, whereas an iPad starts at $649.00. Applications on an iPad also cost less than on a computer. AppleCare Plus for iPad extends your coverage to 2 years from the original purchase date of your iPad and adds up to 2 incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a service fee.

iPad Pro. All screen. All powerful.

iPad Pro. All screen. All powerful.

Ease of use - Using an iPad has a very fast and easy learning curve. The ability to pickup an iPad and have everything you need at just a touch of the finger eliminates the stress of having to learn many different areas of a computer; helpful for those who are not as familiar.

GPS tracking - All iPads with cell network capabilities are tracked by GPS. If the device is lost or stolen it can be tracked by GPS location and either wiped remotely or locked down so the device is not usable.

Forms - Paper forms are easily converted to be used on an iPad.  This allows forms to be filled out faster and accurately using drop down menus.  Using digital forms also saves the use of paper and allows for the files to be instantly emailed to anyone internally or externally.

Communications - iPads offer a multitude of applications to effectively communicate with others in each department of your business. These applications include FaceTime (video chat), iMessage (text), email and more. 

Security - All iPads can be setup with security; this will allow you control if apps can be installed or deleted, block certain content, block the use of built in apps such as YouTube. There are many enhancements regarding security on iPads with the release of the new operating system, iOS 11. 

Fast, Simple Deployment

Pure iTek has a proven track record in managing the deployment of iOS devices from corporate boardrooms to local high schools, small to enterprise business. We service Edmonton and area. Pure iTek can seamlessly and securely integrate your iOS devices into your existing infrastructure, connecting your email, sharing files and collaborating.

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