Integrated Windows Solutions

The perfect fit for business. And your environment.

Did you know Apple products can join Windows networks, use popular Microsoft applications, and work with common PC files? That's because Apple products are designed for compatibility. If you're ready to join the rising number of businesses transforming the way employees work - now's the time! 

Pure iTek will help by:

  • Connecting Apple products to your Windows network
  • Setting up Mac to share files with PC
  • Setting up the compatibility with popular Windows application and PC files
  • Setting up Mac to print to your office printers

We work with many companies that utilize both Macs and PCs. Pure iTek will integrate Apple products into your Windows-based environment so you and your employees can easily share files, printers and exchange information between Mac and Windows computers. 

If you want to integrate Mac into an existing Windows or other standards-based network call us to find out more.