iOS 10 iMessage effects!

So you've uploaded to the latest operating system for iPhone and iPad and are super pumped to slam your first iMessage, or maybe invisible ink a love text. Instead you're just sending the closed caption version of the iMessage *face palm. 

In order for this feature to work you need to check to ensure that REDUCE MOTION is turned OFF on the device in question. You can find this under settings > general > accessibility. If Reduce Motion is already turned off proceed to settings > messages. Turn off iMessage and turn it back on. 


We always purchase Apple Care+

We are not accident prone people, but accidents have happened. AppleCare+ provides repair or replacement coverage for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch as well as your battery and included accessories. It also covers up to two incidents of accidental damage, each subject to a $79 service fee for iPhone SE or iPhone 6 and earlier models, $129 for iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, a $49 service fee for iPad, and a $29 service fee for iPod touch, $89 for Apple Watch Sport, $99 for Apple Watch.

We LOVE iPad & iPhone- for Business and Home

iPad has changed the way people work, play, watch, learn and communicate. With each new version, it's become an essential part of people's lives. iPad has been a long-standing, concrete figure in our business as well as our home.

Before iPad and iPhone:

  • Lacked real-time information at the front line
  • Relied on information from disparate sources
  • More reactive than proactive due to missing data
  • Retrieving printed documentation could take days

At Pure iTek, we are pros at iPad integration. As iOS evolves we deploy software updates and new functions to multiple generations of iOS because we know it's important to protect your investment in iPad and iPhone while productivity is uninterrupted. Pure iTek makes iOS deployment simple, fast and scaleable.

In Action with iPad and iPhone:

  • Streamlines records management and reduces costs
  • Enables teams to be proactive, rather than reactive
  • Apps optimize resource allocation and operations
  • Delivers integrated data at the front line
  • Paperless workflow streamlines office administration

The iPad Air 2 is the biggest redesign to iPad since the original iPad. It's incredibly thin, light and filled with amazing features, making it more capable than ever before. It truly represents the power of lightness.

Everything looks amazing on iPad Air 2.

  • Integrated hardware and software
  • Comprehensive security
  • Simple, scaleable deployment
  • Powerful app platform

If you have an iPad rollout Pure iTek can take over using Mobile Device Management (MDM). This allows us to seamlessly manage devices without impacting the user experience because these controls are transparent to the user.

Apple - Macs and iPads in Education

iPad technology is one of the most recent innovations schools are implementing in classrooms. This implementation has generated tremendous excitement among students.

Pure iTek is pleased to be part of the excitement. To date, Pure iTek has managed the iPad deployment at Elk Island Catholic School's new high school, Archbishop Jordan in Sherwood Park, utilizing Mobile Device Management (MDM), setup iPad profiles, and Volume Purchase Plan for Education (VPP). Last school year we had the honour of setting up a Mac Lab for an Edmonton Catholic School, Mother Margaret Mary High School.

It excites us to be on-site, powering classrooms with the most current Apple technology.

The iPad is so popular in school. During spring, 2013, I was the parent volunteer in our son's Kindergarten class at Woodbridge Farms School when iPads were introduced to the students. The teacher had me work with students individually in order to assess their familiarity with the device. (Only one student had never used an iPad, but had used her mom's phone to plays games.) The students were to demonstrate how to turn on the iPad, open an App, play the game, change the volume, close the App and turn off the iPad. At each turn, students immediately turned it on, went to the game icon I described and began to play.

New Apple technology in classrooms inspires and and engages students and Pure iTek is proud to participate. 


I've worked on both sides of the computer industry. That's right, I didn't start out on the Apple side. I have my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Certified Novel Administrator (CNA), A+ and others..

Growing up, my Dad and all my Uncles were Apple fanatics, my Dad still has his 1986 Mac Plus. I set up my first Mac when I was six, coincidentally when my Dad got his Mac Plus, but we still used to battle it out over which was better - PC or Mac.

It wasn't until I bought my first MacBook Pro, learned everything there was to it, and became an Apple fanatic (I hope my Dad and Uncles are proud of me now). We have too many iDevices in our home to count on all of our hands. We're even making a trek to Manitoba this July to setup my wife's BFF's (from grade 2) Apple home network. I just LOVE sharing the ease and power Apple products offer with my family, friends, and our clients - new and existing.

Then, just last week our 7 year old son asked my wife and I if we could buy him a Windows computer - THE SHAME!!!!

Anyways, family, friends and clients of ours ask us about Mac and comparing Mac to PC. Here are a few of our frequently asked questions:

Can I use Mac if all or most other employees are using Windows PCs?

Yes. The Mac is compatible with most USB devices and printers, and can join Windows wired and Wi-Fi networks. As Apple Consultants, Pure iTek can move data from a PC to your Mac, work with existing files, set up Microsoft Office for Mac or Office 365. We can even set you up to access corporate email supported for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Can I use my Microsoft Office applications on a Mac?

Microsoft Office is available for Mac, which means you can run Word, Excel, and PowerPoint just as you always have. If you are like us then you already love and use iWorks for Mac - a suite of productivity applications from Apple - includes Pages for documents, Numbers for spreadsheets, and Keynote for presentations. With iWorks you can even open, edit and save as Microsoft Office Files = seamless.

Doesn't the Mac cost more than a Windows PC?

Did you know that Mac typically has a great resale or trade-in value? You can check the current trade-in value by visiting Apple Store Reuse and Recycling, but note this is only available in the states to date as Apple just introduced Reuse and Recycle iPhone in Canada . For more information and to avoid making a costly mistake assuming PCs are more affordable than Macs check out this article "Learn How Resale Value Can Make a Mac Less Expensive Than a PC". 

How does the Mac protect my information?

The Mac has a multilayered system of defences that works to protect data, applications and services against malware. Built-in technologies provide data-at-rest protection by encrypting the entire drive on your Mac. Gatekeeper protects users from downloading and installing malicious software. Advanced security features such as sandboxing, library randomization, and tagged downloads offer runtime protection. 

What about protecting data in transit?

The Mac offers an easy-to-use application-based firewall and VPN clients - at no extra charge.

Contact us today for more information on how Pure iTek can inspire your business and take advantage of Macs in your organization.